The Importance of Positive Self Talk

Self talk doesn’t necessarily mean walking around babbling to yourself, as a matter of fact you don’t even have to verbalize what you’re saying to yourself. Thoughts are just as important and can effect us as strongly as the words we may say out loud.

Think about it, if you are saying to yourself how fat you are, or ugly, or how you fail at everything, or my all time favorite is, “what good am I to anyone with all my medical issues?”, (That last one I usually will say during a flare up when a simple task seems to be un-achievable and I never quite know when a flare up will end), these thoughts start to become a belief. That old saying, “repeat a lie long enough and it will become a truth” is what I always think about when I start tearing myself down with negative thoughts and speech. Fortunately changing our thoughts and self-talk isn’t too difficult to do.

There’s a theory called A.N.T.s which stands for Automatic Negative Thoughts, that I learned in one of my classes and just heard Tom Bilyeu talk about of his podcast Impact Theory. It seems to be a lot easier to think negatively rather than in a positive way and when we fall into this destructive habit these negative lies we tell ourselves become our belief’s about who we are, yet they are lies. We are believing the lies we tell ourselves which is not good for our health and our future. If we look at these automatic negative thoughts as little ants that are invading our beautiful picnic, we can catch them before they ruin everything and smash them. How do we do this? Let me share what I have learned.

1st, Take control of that thought, and don’t let it control you. Negative thoughts are the cause of anxiety and worry. Anxiety and worry causes stress, and stress is the cause of may diseases and inflammation. So as soon as a negative thought or word pops in your head or out of your mouth, stop IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT entertain or dwell on the negative thought.

2nd, As soon as you catch yourself thinking or saying a negative thought, say STOP either out loud or just think the word STOP. Some people even wear a rubber band around their wrists and will give it a snap to literally snap themselves out of the negative thought. Doing this will reprogram the brain to stop the negative thoughts and eventually will become the default program of the brain.

3rd, replace the negative thought with a positive thought. The mind is only capable of thinking one thought at a time, so change the negative thought to a positive thought. For example, I am trying to quit eating sugar. Instead of saying or thinking to myself that giving up sugar is impossible, I say or think to myself that “I feel so much stronger and clear minded now that I no longer am addicted to sugar”. I see myself as a person who just doesn’t need or want sugar anymore. Visualizing the benefit’s of whatever habit you are trying to change can be incredibly helpful in achieving that goal.

4th, Don’t give up. Creating a new habit actually takes 66 days. Know that creating a new habit will take time and will not be easy. But also know it’s well worth it and be willing to deal with the discomfort. Be persistent. Negativity is toxic to your mind and body and changing the negativity into positive takes practice and time. Negativity will cause you to feel depressed, discouraged and defeated. It’s not worth it to be negative.

I hope you’ve found some of this information helpful and will be able to implement as much of it into your life as possible. I felt so much better, and even lighter once I stopped trash talking myself. I still have those day’s when I just can”t seem to get out of my own head but they are not as often as they used to be. For me, I will read, workout, go for a walk, sit in the sun, watch a funny movie or write to pull me out of a negative mind. It’s all a personal choice of how much you are willing to work on yourself. Just don’t give up, ever!

Have a great day!

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