How to get rid of those pesky A.N.T.s in our head..aka automatic negative thoughts.

Have you ever heard of A.N.T.s? Not the kind that invades your kitchen or ruined your picnic, although the image of those types of ants is great to use when visualizing another type of a.n.t.s…..I’m talking about Automatic Negative Thoughts or A.N.T.s for short.

We all have these automatic negative thoughts. It’s actually the brain’s way of detecting danger and helping us react for survival. For this reason, the brain has a natural tendency to focus on the negative, but it can also be a problem.

Negative thoughts have a direct impact on our health, peace, well being, outlook on our future, aka hope, relationships and more. Because our thoughts are so powerful we need to squash these A.N.T.s and prevent them from invading just like we would do to ants invading our kitchen or picnic!

How do we do this? I’m sure there are several ways but I’m just going to give you 2 of my favorite choices.

Meditate. You can decide what that means to you. For me, it can be sitting quietly in my yard or at the beach by myself and picturing in my mind how I want my day, week, month, year, life to look. If I have pain or an injury I picture my body healing. I picture what it will be like to jog again or get back into martial arts, etc. Then I spent time doing something called Hitbodedut. It’s taking time to praise my creator, thank my creator, then pour my heart out to my creator as if I’m face to face. Speaking my troubles and asking for my needs. Speaking hitbodedut out loud I think is important but it can get awkward if I’m in public so I will put on my headphones and talk quietly so people think I’m on the

Journal. I don’t really write down negative things because I’m a bit paranoid and think if I write about someone I’m struggling with or a specific situation I worry they may find it while I’m alive or when I pass. I write things I’m grateful for and the things I’ve accomplished and what I’d like to accomplish. There’s something about writing things you want to accomplish that seems to imprint that task into your mind. Since the point of these exercises is to re-wire our thinking and combat A.N.T.s from occurring I like to keep it positive.

When we do these things it becomes a lot easier for our mind to overcome the A.N.T.s with a positive, more productive thought. As soon as an A.N.T. pop in you stop immediately and think something good. Eventually, it will become easier and easier to stop those A.N.T.s from becoming a full thought. You’ll recognize what’s happening and catch it and replace it.

Hope this was helpful!
Have a positive and productive day!

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