5 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Part Time Wheelchair Users.

1- Just like a person with 20/20 vision can be considered blind, by the government, due to severe sensitivity to light, a person who can walk can be in a wheelchair full or part-time due to severe pain.

2- If you happen to see a person in a wheelchair stand up and walk a few steps to get into their car, or do something else, doe not mean you’ve just witnessed a miracle healing. It also does not mean the person is faking to get attention or whatever sad reason you feel a person would pretend to need a wheelchair. The person may be a “part-time wheelchair user”. Many wheelchair users are not paralyzed but are in severe pain, which limits their mobility. Using a cane may or may not be a viable option, so they choose to use a wheelchair instead.

3- Pushing a wheelchair is not easy; move out of the way, don’t be rude.

4- Do not purchase movie theatre seats in the area that a wheelchair and the people they are with are meant to sit. If you do, someone who needs those seats will not be able to go to the damn movies because people who have no reason for sitting in those reserved companion seats are sitting there.

5- Just as you should never grab a blind person that you are trying to help, do not grab a person’s wheelchair. If you want to help, ask the person in the wheelchair what it is you can do to help them. I am sure you are just trying to help, but people have adapted to doing things their way and often the “helper” can make thing’s more complicated. Maybe they don’t want any help? You should always ask to be sure.

Hopefully, these tip’s are helpful, and the next time you see a part-time wheelchair user, you’ll understand a little more about how or why.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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