What I recently learned about dreams….

Dreams, I think dreams can be crazy and or powerful tools. I don’t take my dreams too seriously unless they come in 3’s with the same message. You may think it’s ungodly to “listen” to dreams, but it’s happened too many times that I have such specific dreams that I have seen someone in danger, ill, etc, so I pay attention.

A doctor once told me that sometimes our dreams are our emotions turned into a picture. I used to have a reoccurring dream every single night that I would need to use the restroom. I was in a public area where the restrooms had multiple stalls or in an area where I could go into a single bathroom. Every single bathroom I walked into looked like the beach bathrooms after a busy 4th of July beach day! Every single bathroom had toilet paper on the floor, the trash cans were overflowing, the stalls were a scary mess, and the toilets were used but not flushed! It was disgusting and I would have to walk out and try to find another bathroom that was clean and usable but I also had to find it quickly because of how badly I needed to relieve myself. It was a painful and frustrating dream, to say the least.

When I mentioned this dream to my therapist he suggested that maybe it is more about an emotion that was stuck in me and I wasn’t dealing with.What type of emotion would create such a crazy dream? For weeks I had been talking with him about my frustrations of working from home in a make-shift office I created in a tiny corner of my bedroom. Being the type of person who will forget that I own something unless I see it created a very cluttered environment. The small room, all of my books, notes, Desktop computer, nick nacks art, and of course piles of clothes that I had no place to put made my room so cluttered and messy that I was having a very difficult time with working from home. I was so frustrated every single day with the mess which made me irritated and tired. Do you see where I am going with this?My room/workspace was ugly and full of distractions.

I didn’t realize that for months I had been telling my therapist about how difficult and unhappy I felt trying to get my work done so after telling him about this recurring dream he explained about the possibility of this dream being related to how I am feeling about my room. He suggested that I try to declutter, re-organize and put some art on the walls to create a calming, organized space that I will feel better in. As soon as my session ended I implemented his suggestions. I had to do this several times and to be honest, I still declutter, rearrange and reorganize. I put pictures and a beautiful purple mandala tapestry-type thing on the wall so I can see something beautiful on my walls at all times. Guess what, the bathroom dream stopped right away! I haven’t had that dream since.

What did this teach me? I learned to look at my dreams from a different more practical view. Before talking with my therapist about my dream I always looked at my dreams from a more spiritual view but I wouldn’t get very far nor would I resolve anything. Now I ask myself, what emotion do I FEEL from this dream? Taking this point of view has actually been more helpful than anything which is my purpose in sharing this information with you, maybe this information will help you too?I now keep a dream journal and try to write down my dreams when I wake up so it’s fresh in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live my life by what my dreams are, I just pay attention and evaluate them to see if there’s something in me that I need to resolve or pay more attention to.

Thank you for reading and Happy dreaming!

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