The Power of Sound

Perhaps you’ve heard that sound has healing powers? I heard that studies are being conducted that use sound to dissolve tumors and cancer. A sound can be used for security purposes. A shop owner installed a speaker that played a high-pitched sound that only teens could hear to deter teens from loitering in front of his store. It must be working since my teens kept asking me to turn it off after I played a sample. The Hulk movie with Eric Norton (one of my faves) had a scene where Hulk was surrounded by military vehicles using sounds that caused him pain and slowed him down. Poor Hulky, watching him was painful for me. My point is that sound vibrations can either heal or destroy. I’d like to focus on how it heals.

I had the opportunity to learn a lot about prayer while studying Judaism. The prayers are recited out loud, not too loud so that neighbors can hear, but loud enough so that I can hear myself saying them. At the beginning, I was constantly winded. Eventually, I was able to recite the entire morning prayer without gasping for air, which made me wonder why it is so important to say prayers aloud?

I believe ancient languages have power, I learned Hebrew to recite the Psalms in their original language and pray. During the early years of my practice, I wondered if it wasn’t just the letters and words that had power, but the vibrations they made in the body as they were spoken? It all started when I watched a documentary on YouTube where the scientist froze crystals after speaking in good terms or yelling at them. On one jar of rice he even wrote the words LOVE. On another jar however, HATE was written (at least I believe it was the same guy). Under a microscope, he looked at the water he had frozen. As the words love, peace, gratitude, left beautiful designs in the water crystals, the words hate, war, anger left ugly chaotic ones. Due to the fact that our bodies are primarily composed of water, it is interesting to consider the power words have over them. 

As soon as I realized that words also produce vibrations which affect the body, I saw Lee Holden’s entire course on the Shift Network that talked about the power of sound to heal the body. Although I have not taken the course, I saw a video he did in which he explained how making the sound N helps clear the sinuses. To achieve this clearing effect, keep the tongue on the roof of the mouth, just behind the front teeth, and make the NNNNNN sound. It must be for this reason that people meditate and make the Om sound. It has been told to me that the Om sound is the sound of the universe, and that some Sufi masters can actually hear it! #goals.

A few weeks ago, in the first class of the Institute for Spiritual Healing course that I am taking, we learned that the Ah sound is profoundly healing. When performed correctly, the Ah sound opens the heart. It creates a space surrounding the heart which allows love, light, and healing to flow. The intention is to let God, our creator, pour love, light, and healing into us. 

Essentially, the sound Ahh that I am referring to comes from a name that means “the – God”. We’re going to use Allah, an Arabic word for God. Let me tell you about how I struggled with this name.
To be honest, I was a bit frightened by this name, Allah. When I was a child, I was raised as a Christian, and later left the church because I did not believe that Jesus was God. It was only during my time as a Sufi that I accepted him as a prophet. I will not argue with someone who believes Jesus is God. Following the church, I found myself drawn to the Torah and Judaism where God is known as Adonai, or HaShem. Both names have an Ah sound! The Institute for Spiritual Healing NEVER FORCES anyone to say a name they are not comfortable with! People from every walk and religious background use whatever name is most comfortable for them. This is just something I want to make clear. Does that make sense? Do you understand? Good, let’s move on. In my own case, I tried every name except Allah. While I tried HaShem, Aloha, Akua, and just Ah, they didn’t feel the same to me as saying Allah’s name. What helped me to overcome my fear? Taking a different viewpoint was my approach.

The name George comes to mind. In Spanish it’s Jorge, in Hawaiian it’s Keoki, so if we can have different names that are really the same, just in a different language, then so can God.I also noticed that when I say Allah, the tip of the tongue is touching the roof of the mouth just behind the front teeth. The area he taught us is an energy point from Wednesday’s with Mordechai, a free weekly virtual community. As we meditate, he instructs us to put our tongues right behind our top front teeth, the place where our tongues land when we say Allah. Additionally, I noticed that the chest expands when the name is recited, vibrating at a certain point. Honestly, I didn’t feel that same vibration with any of the other names that I tried. My personal opinion is that the word Ah is like releasing energies from my lungs that have been stagnant for a long time. The sensation occurs at the beginning and at the end of the name. Even QiGong utilizes sounds to clean the organs, and I have learned that the Ah sound represents the heart. Is it coincidence? In my opinion, no.

We started our 18-month course at the Institute for Spiritual healing just a few weeks ago and I already feel healed from the angst and anger I had towards the Church. The ancient Sufi healing medicines may have even been used by Jesus to teach love. I accept Jesus as a prophet of love, a healer who taught love. The amount of pain I experience has decreased since I began using the name of Allah during my healing sessions. When I think about sound vibration and sound healing, it really makes sense. In my opinion, the Sufism practice is so ancient that, as science progresses, we learn what the ancient sages knew. I’m excited and humbled at the same time. There is so much to learn.

I know not everyone is interested in Sufism, so I’ve shared a few links to other options with the hope that I haven’t left anyone out. ISH, Shift Network and Wednesday’s with Mordechai are all separate entities. I am simply sharing variety.

For more information on the Institute for Spiritual Healing, please click here My affiliation with the Institute for Spiritual Healing has no financial benefit. 

There’s a great opportunity to learn how humming (yes, humming!) can literally rearrange your molecular structure! Try this affiliate link here

You can also learn from Mark, who teaches all kinds of powerful healing tools in his weekly FREE class called Wednesdays with Mordechai, which is linked below. Visit Despite the affiliate link, the class is free and on Zoom.

For classes offered on the Shift Network in Qigong you can see what’s available by clicking my affiliate link here. I will get a small commission, but don’t let that stop you.

I hope I was able to share some light and truth without ruffling anyone’s feathers. My intention is only to be as honest as I can so that others who may feel the same know they are not alone. 

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and may you be filled with the light and love.


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