A weird experience with a woman and her magnet was just part of my journey….

We should not consider Sufi therapy a replacement for conventional medicine. In fact, we are to listen to the advice of our doctors and take the medication they advise. Sufism complements traditional medicine, not replaces them. We use Sufism with any other modality to provide a total treatment for body, mind, heart, and soul. I am never advocating disregarding what your doctor suggests. A second opinion is helpful if you feel something is wrong with what’s being said.

Before discovering Sufism, I met a woman with an unusual technique which she claimed allowed her to remove any disease. She’d used a pendulum, a magnet, along with a series of queries to determine what the problem was. Holdin her pendulum over my palm, shed ask yes or no types of questions. To be clear, she asked her pendulum these questions, not me. After inquiring about 12 different queries and depending on which direction her pendulum moved, she would take, her magnet and beginning at the crown of my skull, would run her magnet to the back of my skull, and down my neck. To determine if the issue resolved, she returned to seeking more answers from her pendulum. The process would be repeated until she felt satisfied. All that was required of me was to remain still and empty my thoughts.

It is important to know that although she was well-intentioned, I regret ever allowing her to work on me. I do not believe that a magnet can improve one’s illness or afflictions. Nobody should claim that it does. The pendulum used to get her answers could be manipulated by my own thought. If the pendulum answered yes, I would think no to see if I could change the direction of movement, which I successufly did on several occasions. If I can do that, then it’s not a pure form. It also causes me to assume that if the individual holding the pendulum has an intended outcome, it will influence the answer.

I cringe, knowing that like her, there are so many healers claiming to do something that often causes more harm than good. Can any object fix a human when they just sit, answering a few questions? It infuriates me how decent people go to these types of therapists because of desperation, often to be told they do not need medical intervention because their magnet will heal them!

I agree that our emotions may be the root of illnesses. Sufism teaches that often a trapped emotion leads to a physical illness. I have never heard that Sufism replaces any type of medicinal treatment. Our instructor is a cardiologist, and many other teachers are medical professionals. I have heard no one in the Sufi community claiming the ability to heal any disease, including cancer.

An important aspect of a Sufi healing session is the willingness to let go of preconceived outcomes and release the ego-self. This is true for both the Sufi and the participants. It is critical to remember that the healing of any individual will only take place if God, the universe, or whatever name you choose, wills it. Some participants at Sufi healing sessions have experienced a wide variety of healings, nothing is ever promised

A Sufi’s energy does not come from within. If healers heal by using their own energy, they often become very ill themselves. As part of Sufism, we open our hearts to connect with God, the universe, love, healing energy, whatever name you would like to give it, and allow it access to the places where disease and pain live.  

As with many who are living with chronic pain, I have experimented with everything within my means to ease the pain, depression, and fatigue caused by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and breast cancer. All of which have been essential parts of my journey to Sufi healing, none of them have measured up to what I am experiencing now.

In the past five months of studying Sufism, I have experienced more positive changes than I have in my entire lifetime. Anger, depression, fatigue, irritability, trouble breathing, pain, headaches, and muscle tension are some things which have changed in me, and I have to share how they happened with anyone who will listen. Light and love can heal and bring peace to the world, and without those things, there is little hope.

I am creating journals that will be available to buy on Amazon. In the coming weeks, you’ll find them under Jamila’s Heart Walk.

Amazon has a book titled God’s Way by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe for those who are interested in learning more about Sufism.

My sincerest thanks go out to those who follow, support, and like my blog.

Much love,


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