You are amazing! Never forget that. Never doubt your worth.

Hi, welcome to Mai Beautiful Life. This is a place to feel encouraged, laugh, cry, and learn. Thank you for being a part of my mission of bringing more light into this world. I hope you always leave here feeling better. I hope to shine a light on Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and much more.

The world isn’t your oyster, it’s your mirror!

There’s a saying we’ve all heard, “the world is your oyster”. When I went online to search for the phrase, I found it implies that you can achieve anything you wish in life or go anywhere, since you have the means to do so. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this … More

A weird experience with a woman and her magnet was just part of my journey….

We should not consider Sufi therapy a replacement for conventional medicine. In fact, we are to listen to the advice of our doctors and take the medication they advise. Sufism complements traditional medicine, not replaces them. We use Sufism with any other modality to provide a total treatment for body, mind, heart, and soul. I … More

The Secret is in the Love

The Sufi approach allows us to reach beyond ourselves by letting go of who we are, turning on the qualities of God/Allah within each of us, and seeing the Divine in everything and everyone. As a Sufi, to truly love this world, one must look at everything in it as an extension of God, beginning with oneself. Real self-care consists of this.

The Power of Sound

Perhaps you’ve heard that sound has healing powers? I heard that studies are being conducted that use sound to dissolve tumors and cancer. A sound can be used for security purposes. A shop owner installed a speaker that played a high-pitched sound that only teens could hear to deter teens from loitering in front of … More


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